Brave for Linux forks



Is Brave available on any Linux forks?


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You can install Brave on Linux using instructions found here:


Just looked at the article you posted @Mattches - there are no instructions for Arch or Manjaro. Both of these distros use Pacman.

If a user wants to install Brave they could use Yaourt or any other AUR helper.


Brave is now available in Manjaro. Just sudo pacman -S brave will install it on your system.


@cynical13 Still unavailable on Arch :frowning: Which is my distro.


Unfortunately yes, currently that is the case for Arch distro.
We will hopefully have ample time to clear outstanding tasks like this after some of our bigger, more involved features are pushed out.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Is this not it?


@cynical13 Yes thats it. I mentioned that in my post - as that is currently the only way to grab Brave - through the AUR repository.


Note that Brave only maintains the packages we distribute. Though they may well work and be fine, we can’t vouch for packages from other sources.


Gotcha! I didn’t read far enough into it.


All good! Like @toml pointed out sometimes the AUR files are kinda sketchy. I know that is one reason some people are staying away from using Yaourt - as they mentioned it was corrupted by some Asian hackers etc.

I just edited some TOML files a few mins ago, small world.


Thankfully there are options available. I have yay installed. Maybe pamac or octopi?


As TOML pointed out though the sources may not be safe though. As it’s not an official release. Could be modified by unscrupulous entities. :expressionless:


Is the version in the Manjaro repository official? I’m not on that machine right now. I was assuming it is official, based on this ( I didn’t think to check the release notes.


Yes according to @Mattches it is. As it’s available through pacman.


cc @drose2211 @hello for help assisting your fellow Majnaro folks :slight_smile:


The version in the Manjaro repos is official. I will note that the browser is having some UI issues in the shields menu. This seems to be specific to Manjaro, but this issue has already been reported. As far as AUR packages being modified I would say it is always best practice to inspect the PKGBUILD before installing. Yay gives you this option before the package is downloaded to your system. Thats not the case with Yaourt.

EDIT: I also just noticed that the package from the official repos is one version behind the brave-bin package in the AUR. I’m sure the official one will be updated soon, but its worth taking note of.


We should probably publish official Arch packages too, but we’re not there yet.


There seems to be a great fan base for the Arch based distros - Its the second most likes I’ve seen after the Tor-Session-Tabs feature.

One other things @Mattches regarding users’ requests. As more and more [solutions] are made in Brave/Discourse, don’t you think it’s good idea to have users be notified of features/solutions in Discourse community as well especially considering many may not have a Github account to be notified of the issue/s.

Perhaps there could also be a ‘Solutions’ on the side of ‘Latest - New - Top’, on the top of the community page where users are notified if they’ve bookmarked or commented on the topic.



Done! Check the nav menu