How to install Brave Browser on Arch based distributions? Has instructions for installing on Debian based distros, and fedora, but I see nothing about Arch based distros such as Manjaro. Is it even compiled to run on Arch? If it is, how do you install it?

A number of packages are available in the AUR here -

There do, however, seem to be some sandbox issues with Brave. There are ways to get around it, but I’ve also seen discussion on the fix not necessarily being secure. I’m not an expert on Linux, so I had some trouble following the discussions.

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As a newer Arch user, I don’t know how to use AUR, what would I need to do?

I believe it would be

sudo pacman -S brave

or if you’d rather use the binary release

sudo pacman -S brave-bin

I usually use Manjaro though they’re very similar.

I could’t get brave-bin to even download but plain brave worked, thank you.

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