Will there be an easier way to install Brave on Linux?

Overly complicated command line process to install Brave on a Linux system. Repeated errors when updating in regards to some no signature/missing key.

Uninstalled, purged and reinstalled using the process outlined on the Brave website.

Brave installs but repeated errors upon attempted update.

Pop Os distro - Linux.

Failing to understand why Brave is so complicated to install on a Linux system. Do not understand why I keep getting the errors when attempting to update Brave. Internet search to figure out the issue suggests more commands to be enterted but nothing works and frankly I’m scratching my head as to why the over complication. Why not just make it available in the software center?

It will largely depend on what distribution you’re running.

In Ubuntu Mate, I believe it’s available in the software boutique.

In Solus Linux, it’s available in their repositories.

In Manjaro, it’s available through the repositories.

For Arch and Arch-based distributions, it’s available through the AUR.

Through Debian-based distributions, I believe it’s available as a .deb file. I’ve used gdebi to run a graphical install before on Mint and Ubuntu.

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I have Brave on mobile and on Mac. Installation is as simple as can be on those platforms. Linux requires (again I’m on Pop Os which is based off of Ubuntu) an extensive amount of input through the command line. Even when commiting to such whenever I update I get an error regarding Brave and a lack of a signature key to which I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that error go away.

Is this the first you’ve attempted to install Brave on your Linux machine? If you can, I’d recommend deleting/removing any traces of Brave on the OS, then starting the install process over again. It may look daunting but the commands are actually very straight-forward.

Once you’ve removed Brave from your system, reply here and we can walk through the process together and see where it’s getting hung up.

Reinstalled. Noticed in the terminal dialog that a certain install, ubuntu services or something like that, was no longer needed and should be deleted so I did that. Seems to be working fine and I currently do not see any update notices and thus no update issues. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks.

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Excellent initiative – hope it works out!
Don’t hesitate to reach out again if you have any further issues.