Brave have support in Linux?

I want to know if Brave have support in Linux.

Queria saber se o Brave tem suporte no Linux. (Sorry, for my English) (Desculpem, pelo meu Inglês).

Edit: In Linux Mint. No Linux Mint.

It would be supported in a particular Linux-based operating system (a “distro”); Brave doesn’t require any support in Linux itself. As of this moment there is no support in:

  1. Gentoo - a software based implementation which does currently support Chrome (albeit grudgingly).
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Debian

There may be support in the last two in development versions (I don’t run those), there isn’t in Gentoo - there may be an “overlay”, but the devs on this community would have to answer that.

Have support in Linux Mint?

It’s based on Ubuntu; just like Brave is based on Chrome. I can’t see any Chrome in the version of Ubuntu I have access to, though there is support for chrome (i.e. to allow apps to interact with chrome running elsewhere).

The simple rule is; install it, check it out, and if it doesn’t do what you want install something else.

Ok, Thx! Ok, Obrigado.

Yes, Brave is supported on Linux. You can find installation instructions here:

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If you’re very new to Linux and don’t like using terminal commands, then whilst you get used to Linux try the Snap install approach:

Ideally Brave would be officially available via Flatpak, as I think it is widely preferred by the Linux community, though for now newbies can rely on the Snap alternative.

If you want another GUI alternative, check out Pamac on Manjaro that enables a wider portfolio of software and installation types without the excessive terminal input.

But if you are a hardcore terminal kinda guy then find out which Linux version your distro is based on (i.e. Debian/Ubuntu, Arch, etc…) and follow the respective installation instructions over at the Brave Linux page:

Be Brave! :wink:

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