Brave Flag Tab Groups Save

Under brave://flags there is a “Tab Groups Save” that I have enabled and was testing out. Once enabled I have the option to right click a group and turn on a slider for “Save Group”. The only problem is that when I close the browser and open it up again, these saves are turned off and are not showing on the toolbar.

This isn’t causing an immediate issue as I still keep my tabs in groups nad I ensure it is the last window I close so that they continue where I left off. It would be great if the save group function worked so I didn’t have to use the “continue where I left off” function as I like to have multiple windows.

My current work around is to use 3 browsers to achieve multiple windows so I don’t forget to close Brave window last.

I have reviewed other similar topics, but none cover this specific issue.

Here are the tab groups saved:

Here are tab groups after relaunch of browser: