Youtube Ads continue despite Ad-Blocker

All of a sudden I’m getting ads on you tube. I can’t even skip these ads anymore. What’s the problem? My shields are up!

Can you share a screenshot of your shields settings for YT, @Pfunk? Click Brave icon at URL bar.

Also, which OS and Brave version that you use?


Thank you for reaching out to us.
We have an open issue on our github to capture data on this behavior:

It would be helpful to know some additional information surrounding this issue, incliuding:

  • Is it all ads (pre-roll, overlay, in-page,etc) or only certain types that appear on YT?
  • Your Operating System
  • Any installed extensions?
  • Connected to a VPN?
  • How are your Shields settings configured?
  • Do you have any additional filter lists checked or added to Brave in brave://adblock ?

I’ve added your report as a +1 on the Github thread on your behalf as well.

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Confirming this as well.

To answer some of the questions:
Is it all ads? I could only see the pre-roll ad. For now (youtube changing its ad-serving tactics?)
Operating system: Windows
Installed extension: Bitwarden, Vue, and Joxi screenshot thingy. I installed ABP only afterwards.
Shield settings: More or less default:


So, pretty much default.

And, there are no additional filters enabled

And, almost forgot


@plebrooster disable all extensions, and re-test in private mode also?

Here was my test; note my items being blocked. This was tested in private mode also, via vpn.

Just re-tested in private mode (all plugins disabled).

Here’s the result:

The youtube link I’m testing with is Maybe this behavior is only with certain videos?


Additionally, I just saw something – In most of these cases, I have the windows pretty small, but I noticed an ad on the site (rather than only the pre-roll) being served. I had not noticed any in-video.


As I opened a few different videos and saw the ads on them as well, is it possible that it depends on a region how these ads are served? As using it from Europe could be different than from North America or something?


There should be more than just one blocked item, something isn’t right?

My blocked items: (from the sample (NZ location).

Here is what happens if turn off the shields:

Testing to show what adblock items are being listed (via Ublock Origin extension)This gif shows the ad elements being loaded (and you can filter specific elements out like /pagead and doubleclick):

Would be interesting to see what elements are being listed in your browser with UBO enabled (and sheilds disabled). Screenshot the blocked items if possible?

Do you have a VPN? can you test from another location?

Also try a different build of Brave (Brave Beta, and with a new profile. dont import anything)

Ublock Origin (doubleclick filter) whats being blocked from doubleclick

Ublock Origin (/pagead filter) whats being blocked from /pagead

Ublock Origin Settings used. Easylist + Easyprivacy Only.

I just tried using beta (0.67.112), and it blocks the ads like it’s supposed to while the stable release (0.66.101) doesn’t.


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