Brave doesn't allow the NPR website to provide Audio. Shields are OFF. Why?

All other browsers display a little rectangle on the upper left of the page with a play “arrow” and options for Hourly News / Listen Live / Playlist. This does NOT appear in Brave.
The option to list to individual stories does appear, but clicking on the play button has no affect.

Also missing but viable on Chrome and all other browsers are the “sign in” and Donate at the top of the page.

the website is:

I turned OFF shield for this site and the behavior continues. I am NOT blocking scripts
This is Chrome:

The site works with Chrome.

This is Brave

Brave Version 1.56.12 Chromium 115.0.5790.114 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)

Actual OS is Debian 12 (same behavior previously on Debian 11.)

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It works fine. Disable all extensions, because they are usually the ones causing the issues, I mean, you have extensions installed, and one that looks like a sound icon right there pinned to the toolbar, so first, test disabling extensions.

Also, you can use Devtools to diagnose these issues, they might display errors which might help to understand the issue.

But audio works and Brave which uses Chromium or Brave shields shouldn’t break anything unless it was broken for everyone or you broke it by adding 3p lists or custom rules.

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I have NO extensions!

I have loaded Devtools and I see 15 errors, a check on Chrome found 9 [of which only three have verbose text of the errors]… but I really don’t know what to do with an error shown in Devtools. I am not surprised that it is reporting errors, but that does not explain why Brave is not able to display what Chrome and every other browser can.

Bottom line, Brave (via Devtools) appears to be complaining it can’t read things Chrome is reading.

I have another s images but am not allow to load five images in total.
As I can’t copy and paste the errors. Missing Here are shots of Brave followed by two extra shots of Chrome errors. Please note that in the Chrome image, toward the top it stated that the audio modules where mounted


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Well, you were the one posting the screenshot that clearly has extensions installed on it:

So it is weird you say you don’t have extensions installed.

Did you try opening NPR in InPrivate window? if it acts differently, then it is something that only works in Normal windows and not Private.

Did you go to brave://settings/content/siteDetails? and reset permissions and removed data?

Did you try starting the browser with --user-data-dir= give it a temporary path and done, you don’t need to close your current main browser for this, it acts independently (or that’s what it is supposed to do)
That way you will truly test the browser since it will be a new clear user data.

net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT = Blocked by an adblocker BTW. In my case it is working fine in Brave with 19 elements being logged by Shields and 16 blocked elements in Devtools.

Anyway, it works on my side


Unless Brave was really broken on awful Linux/Debian, there is no reason why the button is getting blocked in Brave, when Brave uses Chromium, it is not like it is doing anything differently when rendering a page.

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Yes you are right.there had been an extension, when I took the snapshot, but I have removed it as well. Here it is without extentions.

Are you using Debian Linux? Maybe it’s Brave’s compatibility on my OS.

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The answer seem to be to use another browser.

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