Since last update, media problems

It seems like ever since the last update (I’m current - Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)) parts of the browser just won’t work. Video and audio won’t play. No issues whatsoever with the very same media in other browsers.

The latest is a Google Slides presentation I was sent with embedded audio and video. The audio opens in a new tab, then after acting like it’s thinking about it, a pop-up says “There was a problem playing this audio file.” and it suggests third-party apps. This was never a problem before, but now, any audio I try Brave says it doesn’t work. If I try making a Google Slides presentation and try to insert my own audio file (mp3, created and owned by me), after a long wait, it says, “Slides can’t play this audio file. Try inserting another file.” Again, in Safari or Chrome, there’s no issue. Loads it, plays it.

What’s happened?

In the same presentation I received, the video (which is only 4 seconds long) won’t play. It loads in a new tab, but then is dead. The play icon doesn’t respond, and it simply won’t play. Once again, zero issues in Chrome or Safari. About to be done with Brave. For whatever cookies it blocks, it isn’t worth it if the browser doesn’t work.

I have no extensions enabled. I haven’t recently changed anything about my settings. I’ve quit and restarted Brave enough times and it’s done nothing. YouTube works fine. It seems like it’s any site with embedded audio or video that it just doesn’t work. I just don’t get why even anything I try to insert it tells me it can’t play. Every problem I’m having with Brave I’m not having in the other browsers. I’d really like to keep running Brave, but…

Running it on iMac, Mojave.


Can you share a screenshot of your shield settings for Slides? And the issue only happens on Slides?

Additionally, what is your Brave version?

Brave version is in the first sentence of the post. I’m current with the latest version.

Slides happens to be the current issue. I’ve encountered it before, though, although I don’t remember exactly where. At the time, I considered it a fluke and didn’t pay it much attention.

I’ve turned Shields off for Slides. Didn’t make any difference.

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 2.40.45 PM

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