Brave does not re-open all tabs after a computer crash


I use a MacBook Pro and occasionally it crashes. When I restart I am asked to I want to re-open all Brave tabs after crashing and I click yes- then nothing happens. This is really annoying. Any suggestions?


I had the same issue, somewhat - except after the crash I experienced (it was a Brave crash, not a computer crash), I was not presented with a “reopen Brave tabs” option. Upon checking the History entry, there was no option shown for “open last closed window”, nor was there an option displayed to “open (or restore) last (set of) open tabs”.

Is this a Mac-only issue? I read a couple of Help entries here in the Community and they seemed to apply to perhaps a different platform? The menus shown in the entries were not representative of the menus I see.

The only thing that worked for me was to pain-stakingly go through my History, opening tabs one-at-a-time, until I had opened what I thought was the full set of tabs.

There must be a better way to skin this cat. Any help, please advise - and thanks!


I am having this same problem. I had over 100 [important] tabs disappear after a recent crash. Previous discussions on how to resolve this problem refer to an older versions of Brave. I have not found that those solutions apply now.