Following crash, BRAVE fails to display previously-open windows on 'restore'

A familiar issue reported previously:

BRAVE (DEV) reports that it has ‘unexpectedly crashed.’

I reply affirmatively to the prompt to ‘reopen.’

BRAVE reopens but displays only a few of the windows that had been open prior to the crash (in the WINDOW dropdown menu).

The windows are still ‘there’ but without the tab manager I use (TABLI), which does show them, I’m not sure how I’d be able to ‘see’ and then re-open those windows in BRAVE.

Has any attention been directed to troubleshooting this issue?


Hi @mk7z,

Has this happened more than once? If so, did it ever happen before TABL was installed?

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Thanks. Yes, it’s happened many times before (always following a crash). I’ve reported it in the past. And I’m pretty sure it happened well before I started using TABLI.

I have no reason to think that TABLI is the reason why the Window menu doesn’t display the previously-open windows (typically, only around a third of the window titles – e.g., 10 of 30 windows – will display in the Window dropdown).

If I knew when a crash was imminent I could disable TABLI to test this. But BRAVE crashes aren’t frequent and I can’t use a browser efficiently without a tab manager so I don’t think there’s a way to do that.

Is native tab management being considered for BRAVE? (That would be great.)

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