Post-crash reloading of windows/tabs displays less than a third of those from the prior active session

My MacBook Pro, power on, case closed, apparently crashed during the night. When I opened the case it would not respond to any key press.

I rebooted.

As has happened in the past, when Brave reloaded, fewer than one-third of the windows and tabs that had been open from the prior session displayed in the Window dropdown menu. Some of the missing windows & tabs appeared in the History dropdown and could be manually reopened from there. But that still left over one-third from the prior session unaccounted for.

They were not lost. A tab manager I use (Tabli) displayed all the windows and tabs that had been open from the previous session. So they were all ‘still there’ but Brave was not showing that status or anything close to it (in the Window dropdown menu).

Any clue as to what causes this?


Mac OS Mojave / Brave Release version

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