Brave does not Load at all after Installation

I just downloaded and installed brave browser on my Windows7-64bit but instantly after installing it did not even let me complete the Get Started option and when i click on it its like a stalled window doing nothing in it and I tried restarting and running it the same issue
I have an SSD which I have installed it in could that be the error
How to get it running and started?
Can i change the path of it before installing like installing on my other drive in the Desktop which is not an SSD
Please do update and let me know the solution
Thank you

According to my latest knowledge there are problems between Windows 7 and Brave.

Could you still post that info?
Which Brave version did you download (e.g. Beta, Dev …)?
Did you download Brave from Github or

The basic brave download (not the beta nor the dev) which is from brave website and says 64bit
How would I know which version as the screen does not open only
Its only the frame which comes up and then there is nothing ahead I can’ even click any menu or other stuff its as if it has stalled

@superuser you may want to try steps mentioned here Error on yesterday’s update [Windows “blank window” issue] and see if it can solve your issue.


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