Brave does not install on Vista machine

So I successfully installed Brave on my W10 computer and as i have a video editing system which does need access to the net I thought would install Brave on that machine as well
Download OK > Starts to install > Then an on screen white box with message the install has been stopped with a number 0xc0000139
This happens with McAfee shut down as well during download and install so there is no firewall etc. in the way
Have looked on the forum but could not see any references, either directly to the message, or indeed to see if Brave will operate with Vista
Any one else have this happen?

Sadly Windows Vista is not supported. You need Windows 7 and higher.

Many thanks for your reply eljuno
it is a great pity that in the huge palarva surrounding brave such a thing is not really publisised !!
Thanks again

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