Brave Dev Browser opening and immediately closing

Issue has been raised on github, would have been nice if they posted it here.

Someone mentioned the sponsored backgrounds, which I hadn’t thought about, but seriously, how can this happen on the stable release?

From what I have experienced so far, it suggests something is wrong with the profile.

Using a different Windows user, I am able to open Brave Dev, go through the setup wizard, import bookmarks from chrome and use the browser as normal. If I close it down and re-open it, the browser loads as normal.

Under my own Windows user and the pre-existing profile, when Brave Dev is launched, it immediately closes.

I was using Brave standard until I stupidly relaunched after it upgraded. Brave standard then did the exact same thing.

Currently doing a system restore to roll back Brave versions and see if I can get into either version.

Thx for the link to the GitHub, nice to know that at least it is being looked at.

Same issue since a few days… I already posted a comment here… no solution. I re-installed the last version 3 times… nothing change…
I think I will no more use this browser, because I never encountered this kind of problem with other browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome…).
No solution since many days…
I work on a MacBook Pro under Mac OS X 10.14.6 Mojave

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OK, I think I have managed to get into a working version of Brave Dev.

Uninstalled and reinstalled an older version from the github and I’m back in again.

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can you post a link to the older version?

I downloaded the standalone installer

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Same here. Brave opens and a second later it’s gone.

Pretty disappointed on how these things can happen to a stable release.

The github link above has links to a new build which corrects the issues on the stable version.

No news on ther Dev version at the moment, but after I restored an old version last night, once I closed it down and reopened it had auto updated to the latest dev build that wasn’t working.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the older version and everything worked again, but I notice that the auto update may have been blocked. The github does link to another github thread for the Dev version but no updates yet.

Same here for Brave

Brave Dev from BraveBrowserDevSetup.exe (1.4.76) also works fine for me in windows 10 - linked to sync chain, full exit & relaunched with no problems

Good news everyone!

After checking for windows updates I was able to do an opt-in update and now my standard, stable Brave install (still version works :slight_smile:

Windows Build 18363.657