I haven't recived my full payment january (creator)

hello sir,
i am an brave creator i have my youtube channel.
i haven’t recived my full BAT payout this of dec-jan i recived only 10% of it
i had around 53 BAT in my brave creator rewards those are recived during december
i recived only 4.9875 BAT on 1-11-2021. whats the problem sir it says the minimum payout is 5BAT but i got 4.9 out of my 53BAT.
please process my issue and help me

thank you

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Me too. I only receive 310 instead of 443. I dont know what is the problem and @steeven is not even replying. They said that January payment is the last payment how about the BATs left

@Berguno, what is the email linked to your account? I do not see it in a DM. Closing this as it’s a duplicate thread.

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sir @steeven my email address link to my creator account is harihoster@gmail.com. sir please look into the problem. i have worked hard and convinced my friends and family members to use brave.

i can also send the transaction details if u want sir.(uphold)

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Hello! Same here. And BAT are accumulating over the last months in my account

@steeven sir have you checked the problem

what about my payment

Hi @hari2, I see a payment made to your account and a payment pending for next months payout.

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I didn’t get any payments to Uphold since November too

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