My this month brave publisher account bats are not credited till now

@steeven hello sir my this month income is stack on my brave publisher account plz tell me what’s the problem

My email is


I have the same problem it’s been a week since to start the creators’ payout but nothing till now.
Does everyone get their payout? But I didn’t.
@steeven what to do please reply waiting for so long.

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Me too no payment yet until now…

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Please edit and remove your e-mail address from your Original Post (“OP”).

You would send that personal info in a Direct Message (“DM”) or in an entry field of a ticket form that you submit, such as:

Did you received your creators’ payout

Nope buddy I think we need to wait more

Did u get your payment

Nope bro… i hope soon or we have to wait for another month…

Hey @sundangantano is your creator account gmail and your uphold account gmail the same ?

Plz no I want to pay my emi

Did u get ur bats this month income

U receive ur this month income

Nope buddy brave is doing nothing now days

@steeven u have to reply us this is a very big problem

yes i received it on 18th

I’m waiting for my payout

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

I has been submitted multiple times but no reply :sob:

Your lucky that they haven’t just told you to pound sand yet. They stole my BAT claiming a violation of the brave grant policy. Only issue is that I have never received a brave grant so I can’t be in violation of that policy.

Considering they have had issues for months paying out not only creators but also the wallet BAT I’m assuming this is just a way for them to keep stringing us along using rewards but not paying out. They get to keep getting paid by publishers and once your BAT is built up they just suspend you and keep it all. Pretty short sighted business strategy but I’ve seen worse.

Hi, I received my payment incomplete. Who should I contact? Do you have the ids of the support staff?