Crashes after Clicking to Brave Sheilds and Rewards

Browser works fine as long as i don’t click either on the Brave shields tab or Brave Rewards.
That is the only issue i m facing now.


What is your Brave version and OS?

I had trouble clicking one way, I kept looking around to find other ways to get in, in the end I jagged it lol

OS- Windows 10
Version using- v 1.0.0

Do you have any extensions installed in the browser?

yep quiet a few like PIP, url render,smart mute ,etc.

Can you try disabling your extensions to see if you get the same result when you click on Shields/Rewards?

Just tried disabling the extensions. Not much of a help as I am still getting same results.

Do yo have automatic crash reporting enabled? Either way, can provoke a crash by clicking on one or both of the extensions, then go to brave://crashes and copy/share the Crash report ID here so I can take a look on my end?

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