Brave crashing on android when loading wikipedia pls help

Description of the issue:
When loading a wikipedia page on my android tablet the page and the app it self freezes and stops working and crashes. This is happening specifically on the tablet.
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Just go to any random wikipedia page preferably on a tablet
    2.Go to the game of thrones or doctor who wikipedia pages for example because ive only been there on the browser and within the first few seconds when moving through the page itll lag and freez while finishing loading the page

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
I dont know if this is a fucking joke but when i was going to upload a recording of what happened the site told me that i was to new to upload. So if your not satisfied whit my description blame the site sorry.

Expected result:
The app will crash

Reproduces how often:
Almost every time

Brave Version(See the About Brave page in Settings):
Brave 1.0.89, chromium 73.0.3683.90

Mobile Device details

Android/iOS Version

Additional Information:

just did the same thing no crashes

i reinstalled the app to be sure still the same result
thanks for trying though m8

Maybe is a ram issue based on the device. I use an android tablet too but I have 2gb ram

i use the browser on my phone as well and no problems there
it has less RAM then the tablet and is much older then it

cc @Mattches @sriram for additional testing.

I’'m unable to reproduce the issue on my Android device.

It probably wont help in the grand scheme of things but when can i upload the recording so that everyone can see what i’m talking about

Also thanks for trying m8


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Testing on me end using my Samsung Galaxy S9+, Wikipedia loads for me as intended. Would you mind sharing what type of tablet device you’re using?

samsung galaxy tab s2

Have you tried viewing the sites with Shields down? Tap the lion icon in the address bar and toggle main switch “off”. Let the page refresh.

Not just wikipedia, if you try to see the score on google, it almost always crashes. Try to open the link, which has pics or videos, it crashes. I previously complained about this crashing situation for a different version, the next version was little better, this new update is horrible. I may have to find another browser.

I tried that and it didnt work. It was the first thing i did to see if itll fix it self

@zuba I assume this is the fandom pages you are talking about and not the acutal wikipedia pages? I am not able to reproduce any crash on both fandom page and Wiki pages you mentioned (both doctor who and game of thrones). How ever there is a slight lag on the famdom page but not too evident

Few questions

  1. How many tabs do you have opened? Does the same happen with just one tab on the site?
  2. Do you have sync/rewards enabled?
  3. Does Chrome crash in a similar fashion when you visit either of those pages?
  4. Can you try clearing the browser cache once and see if there is any improvement? Could be that the cache size is increased and because those pages(fandom one’s) have huge amonut of graphics and video on them it might be slowing down the browser which is causing it to crash

@Utkarsh I feel you are experiencing the same low memory on app. Can you try clearing the app cache and check if it fixes it?

When you try to clear data ensure you select all time because the default is last hour so you may end up only clearing a portion of the cache. And select Browsing history, Cached images and files, Cookies checkboxes and all time from drop down.

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  1. happens with even one tab open
  2. if by sync you mean my bookmarks then yes i do have sync
  3. nothing like this has ever happened with chrome
  4. tried, didnt do anything

this is my example. it probably happens with wikipedia as a whole but not in the mood to go thru several crashes to check

Thanks for helping though

also how old does my profile have to be to upload the video i made?

I’ve temporarily uplifted your profile to lv1 – you should be able to post images and gif/video content for the day.

uploaded the GIF
the video was to heavy but more or less the same

I don’t think the image uploaded properly, would you mind resending?

what do you mean?
it works fine on my end
the GIF

There it is, previous post didn’t display for some reason. I appreciate the patience and the recording. That said, I’m not entirely sure why the site is crashing for you but I do believe its related to tablets in particular.

What happens when you try to view the site in Desktop mode?