Brave keeps crashing on android

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Brave browser keeps crashing. Won’t load websites properly.
If I delete and reinstall the app or erase all data it resets for a few hours. Then it crashes again.
I have tried both the original brave for android and the brave beta. It happens on them both.
Motorola g73 android 13

Been using brave for 4 years. Hasn’t happened on my other phones.

@decohoran Is Brave able to stay open long enough for you to go to brave://crashes? If so, please try that. If you see it say Send Now then you’ll need to click that and then exit Brave. When you return to brave://crashes you should see Uploaded Cras Report ID. If you can copy/paste that info here, it would allow Support or Devs to look and see what type of issues is occurring.

Can you share a screenshot or provide more details on what’s happening? It could be that it’s opening to a white screen, images don’t load, you get an error message like status_access_violation, etc. Due to the wide variety of possibilities, it definitely is useful to get more in-depth descriptions.

If not too much trouble, would you mind checking Nightly as well? I’m asking as they should be on slightly different versions of chromium and have some differences in features.

Also want to ask, have you tried on Chrome by chance to see if you have the same issue or if it’s Brave only? (Just trying to test in other chromium browser)

Are you changing any settings in that time period? Do you tend to open a set number of tabs?

I did a factory reset on my phone. Reloaded it and the same thing happened again. It won’t load images and the text looks like a bunch of squiggles after using it for an hour or so. Deleting data resets it for a few hours and then it happens again

I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome both work fine. Only happens on brave. Keeps crashing after a few hours.

I’m gonna give brave a very bad Review on the Google play store. Totally unusable with very poor support overall. Extremely disappointing

Posted this how many days ago and not a single useful piece of advice whatsoever

4 days. You posted on a Saturday. Support is only active Monday through Friday. So it means Saturday and Sunday you had no hope of official support.

Then you had Monday and Tuesday of Support going through topics and tickets, helping a lot of people.

You never provided Uploaded Crash Report ID like I requested. You chose not to advise about Beta or Nightly, which I asked you to download and test on.

And it’s not happening on a wide basis, which means it seems to be an issue with you and your device.

What kind of ‘support’ is this. This place is as bad as the browser.

Can someone else please give me some help here

I did a factory reset on my phone and have brave on the other ones and it seems to be ok on them. For now. It keeps crashing after a few hours. Can someone else please give me some help here please. Not this guy someone else. Please

Gonna have to report all of this. Absolutely terrible and very unprofessional

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