What's going on with Brave on Android? Community complaining of continuous crashes

Lately I can’t stop reading threads and comments on Forocoches from users who are having problems with Brave since the latest versions. They are commenting that they are having app crashes, crashes and slowdowns. Especially users with Android 10 are having a lot of problems and are stopping using the application. I do not know if you already have evidence of these problems, but I leave this post here to warn you of it. I hope that it will be solved soon because it is being general and reduces the user experience. Thanks a lot.

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Srry I’m new but the same thing is happening to me. I literally can’t even open the app anymore and it just started crashing after I updated 2 hrs ago. Is there like a customer service/troubleshooting because the app isn’t working at all for me making it impossible to just switch over to a different browser?

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I updated 10 hours ago. Android Oxygen 10.0.1.
Worked fine for 5 hours, the clicked YouTube video embedded in one of the tabs and"crash".
Went to reopen -> crash
Went to close apps, and Brave shows as a dark gray rectangle. Swiped up to close. Tried to reopen from the App Drawer. Opened, held for 2 seconds, then crashed.
This has happened multiple times. Unusable.:frowning:

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