Brave crashing on android when loading wikipedia pls help

Same result.
It tries to convert it to the Desktop version but after doing so it freezes and crashes.
All in all its the same no need to send another gif

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Do you have the desktop mode check on in site settings?

Just tried it.
Same result.

so did everyone give up?
just asking

Nobody has given up it just takes time to investigate and to find the root cause since none of us are able to reproduce the crash. Thanks for the patience and trying different steps to help us figure out the issue

You did say you have sync enabled, so do you have a large amount of bookmarks that is constantly getting sync’d? If possible can you try disabling sync and check if it stops the crash? Make sure you note down the code words so that you can rejoin the sync chain afterwards

About that.
I do have sync enabled BUT for an unknown amount of time my tablet had broken away from the sync chain not to long ago and by the time i had discovered that the problem still/already existed. So i dont think it was that. I had also tried reinstalling the program on my tablet to see if it would go away (before i synced). Also nothing.
And i dont bookmark websites every day. So it doesnt have problems keeping up.

Ok that rules out sync as a potential issue. Do you have rewards enabled(the triangle logo on the URL bar) ? I would assume this would be a no as well

Well it is a no BUT unless im seriously blind i dont see that thing on the android version at all
I can only see it on the PC version

i just got the triangle on the android version

@zuba are you still facing the issue on the new release build?

Yes i do still have the problem.
But i think it takes a bit less time for it to stop working this time.
And also will this dialog be deleted after 1 month has passed?


Do you mean this topic here on Community? If so, it won’t be deleted but the topic will be closed. Its strictly for organizational/clarity – you (and anyone on the forum) can still read the post and, if necessary, I can reopen it for comments at any time.

i was asking because i wanted to know what to do if the problem isnt fixed by then

I just installed the android version of the app.

I agree with the questioner, I am facing the same problem.

Every time a wikipedia page is opened, the browser is frozen, the next pop up notification appears “Brave isn’t responding” with 3 options 1.) close 2.)report 3.)wait.

I generally select option 1.) because I have chrome browser also installed.

Could you provide device details and the Brave version? Have you enabled Sync/Rewards ?


PFB details.

Device details : I’m using android phone Mi Y1.

Brave version : 1.3.2 chromium 76.0.3809.132

Sync enabling - I don’t intend to use this browser across multiple devices hence I don’t require to sync. **I have not enabled sync. **

Rewards - I’m not pretty sure about it. Although, to the best of my knowledge, rewards is to earn the points by watching the sponsored Ads that I actually don’t want at all. So I’ve not enabled rewards.


Are you running any kind of custom theme on the browser? Could you possibly record a video of this crash and share ?


No, I’m not running any kind of as such.

I rechecked the browser & noticed that the problem isn’t anymore.

Earlier when I used to open a Wikipedia page, the browser used to get stuck at when scrolling up or down. It may be possible that after an auto-update or system restart, the problem didn’t reoccur.

Sorry for troubling you.

I confirm that the issue doesn’t persist anymore, however, if in future it reoccurs, I would definitely record the screen before troubling you further.

Thank you,