Brave crashes when using search bars (ie qwant)

Hi all. I am facing exactly the same problem as mentioned on Crash when using Qwant on Android

It appears that brave crashes due to bitwarden autofill. But since the topic is closed I want to reopen it because proposed solution is absolutely not a fix IMHO, since it is suggested that I should disable bitwarden autofill… Which I want to keep.

Also in addition to other topic, it is not just on qwant that this happens, I have also seen it on other sites when you click on a search bar and before the keyboard appears the crags happens. I do see it most often o’ qwant since that’s what I’m using most.
Here is the description taken from other post (with my app versions and phone though)

I encounter a problem since 2 or 3 versions of Brave, with Qwant search.

For the first search (in the url/search field, see picture) => no problem. But when I want do add something to refine, on Qwant itself (see picture with “test” in the search field) the browser crashes.

I don’t know if it is a script that makes Brave crash or something else.

How can this issue be reproduced?

Go on
Try to type something in the search field
It crashes :slight_smile:
Expected result:

Brave doesn’t crash ^^

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.33.106 (Chromium 96.0.4664.110)

Mobile Device details

Realme x3 superzoom with Android 11; all softwares up to date.

Additional Information:

Thanks !

Can’t reproduce on my Zfold3. Does it occur with Ads/Trackers = Aggressive?

No it’s on standard.
It doesn’t happen every time but almost every time though. To reproduce you have to have auto fill turned on on bitwarden, do a search on qwant and then after the search has worked, if you click in the search bar of qwant it will crash :

Typically here if I click on “Test” in the qwant search bar it crashes