Brave crashes when trying to change default search engine

Description of the issue:
Currently my default search engine is startpage for standard tabs as well as private tabs. When trying to change the default search engine the Brave browser crashes each time after tapping either on the menu button ‘Standard Tab’ or ‘Private Tab’ in the settings menu. After tapping on ‘Standard Tab’ or ‘Private Tab’ screen of mobile phone turns white, Brave browser crashes, Brave browser automatically restarts and reloads latest visited tab or startpage respectively.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch Brave mobile browser for Android.
  2. Tap on menu icon (three dots).
  3. Select ‘Settings’.
  4. Tap in the section ‘Search engine’ on ‘Standard Tab’ or ‘Private Tab’ respectively.

Expected result:
After tapping on ‘Standard Tab’ (or ‘Private Tab’) a sub-menu should open with a list of default search engines and recently visited search engines.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.24.86, Chromium 90.0.4430.212

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970F/DS) with Android 11

Additional Information:

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Thank you for reaching out to us. I’m unable to reproduce this on my end using my Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Did you recently install Brave or have you had it installed for some time? If you’ve had it installed for a while, is it the case that you’re only just now seeing this issue after updating to the latest build?

Frankly speaking, I cannot determine exactly since when this problem persists. I switched to this mobile phone approximately a year ago and at that time installed Brave as default browser and changed the default search engine to startpage.

I know that the desktop browser has an option to undo all settings and change them to their default values. Does something similar exist for the mobile version too? I did not find it yet.

One option might be to try to reinstall brave entirely and check whether the problem remains. I did not try this yet as I do not know what will happen to my Brave Rewards account in that case. Will I still obtain BAT for May if I uninstall Brave now? And what about the linkage to my uphold account? After having Brave reinstalled, will I be able to link my Brave Rewards wallet with my uphold account again or do I first need to collect a minimum of 25 BAT again before a link will be possible (as this was pretty annoying the last time).