Brave Crashes when closing single tab in separate browser window - Brave Nightly

Say I have two browser windows open one has multiple tabs (main window) and the other has a single tab (secondary window), when I close the single tab in my secondary window all my brave browser windows crash. I then have to reopen the browser and get greeted by a message to say the browser closed unexpectedly. It is only when I am closing the last tab in a window that this happens.

@twivey is it showing anything at brave://crashes? If so, please copy/paste the information here. Just to be clear, we’ll need the Uploaded Crash Report ID. If it doesn’t say that and you see Send Now, you’ll need to click on Send Now and exit Brave for like 10-30 seconds so it can upload. Then when you return, it should show Uploaded Crash Report ID.

I just attempted this and couldn’t replicate. It just closed the one tab (secondary window) and my other window with 3 tabs remained open.

  • Is there a certain number of tabs where you see this happen?

  • Notice any type of site or content you’re visiting?

  • Which version of Brave Nightly are you using (it’s nice not to assume, so if can share exact version number, it’s helpful)

  • Which OS are you using? (Such as Android 12, Windows 11, etc)

  • Have you tried creating a new browser profile and testing there without changing settings or adding extensions? (Assuming on Desktop)