Brave crash on multiple occurrences deleting tabs

As the title states, my tabs have been closed on multiple occurences and although a pop up saying to restore those tabs pops up, at times it doesn’t work. This has occurred so many times. I love this app because it protects my online browsing, but if my online browsing becomes deleted when only consisting of 30 tabs, then it makes things much more difficult even if the website is available in the history. I’m not sure if this is due to a bug or something else but please fix this becuase I love this app and I don’t want to go back to normal safari just because the tabs would not be restored when around 30 tabs are on a browser
Also what I’ve found is that when the tabs on one browser doesn’t work, it affects other browsers and causes their tabs to close. I had 4 different browsers on Brave open and each one lost all their tabs, please tell me you can see how frustrating this is. Please fix this, thankyou and I’m very grateful to everyone who took part on making and maintaining this app, it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded, and the only thing stopping it from being the best is this Tab issue.

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