Brave Crashes as soon as opened on Mac OS

Using Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.5

Brave just started quitting right when opened, but Brave won’t close unless I use Force Quit.

When I reopen sometimes no new window opens but Brave says it open. Sometimes Brave browser opens but window is frozen and no bookmarks appear.

Cant look at “About Brave” or any other option in top bar. No response.
Screenshot of what it looks like:

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Do you get a crash message after force quitting or relaunching Brave?
After you force quit, are there any other Brave processes running?

I did get a crash report. See pic.
It’s doing different things.

  1. When I open Brave and a warning window flashes and closes, too fast to read, I think its the same error message that
    Brave still appears to be open, though no new window opens. I try and quit Brave and it won’t quit. I force quit and there is no crash message.

  2. When I open Brave, my homepage opens up, I can see favorites, but no toolbar with my bookmarks. When I get this far brave quits but is still open until I force quit. No crash message.

One time, I did get an error message saying: Brave quit unexpectedly, do you want to send report to apple. See pic below.

FYI: My Mac did update automatically yesterday if it has any bearing.

Thank you.

I get the same. Switched back to Chrome a month or so ago. Installed the current version of Brave again, still crashing just like yours. I see a lot of topics where this is happening. Wouldn’t be surprised if Brave for MacOS is just dead in the water. None of the topics about it seem to have any competent troubleshooting. This sucks.

Updated 5/31/19: For the record, I recently had to reformat my Mac, decided to give brave another go, installed fine. Started and worked fine. As soon as I entered the sync code from my mobile device, it crashed. Crashes every time I restart it. So sync isn’t working.

So defeatist! Surely, if we work together, we can figure this out – right? :slight_smile:

Please answer and/or confirm the following for me:

  1. This is the first time you’re seeing this behavior on Brave, is that correct? Additionally, how recently did you install? I know @where_is_brave_sync mentions that he (or she) just installed Brave again and was greeted with this issue.
  2. Did the issue only happen after your OS updated to 10.4.15?
  3. Confirm for me that the following directory exists:
    ~/Library/"Application Support"/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/

I installed Brave and have been using it with no issue for about 2 months.

It did just start crashing right after I did the MAC update yesterday.

Im not sure where you got the first screen grab.
But my Library folder doesn’t have the “Brave Software” folder.


BraveSoftware will be located inside the Application Support folder – I didn’t realize that the the image above cut off and it’s hard to see that it’s nested inside Application Support:

Ok yes I found the Brave Software folder.

And inside it is there also a Brave-Browser subfolder?

I ask because I’ve seen this issue occur before and the issue turned out to be (or some reason) the lack of a Brave-Browser folder which holds all app preferences/settings/profile data. The problem was subsequently resolved by creating that directory manually and relaunching.

There is NO Brave browser sub-folder.

If we do this, does it restore all of my extensive bookmarks and folders?

With my account on say Firefox or Waterfox, I can delete Browser and then do a fresh reinstall, all my bookmarks and folders reappear when I log into my account on the new browser.

Would the same be true for Brave?
Would that be another way to fix glitch?

Apologies for the late reply!
Truth be told…I don’t know if it will. The preferences/settings that hold all that information are stored in that folder. If it was removed or “never existed” then…No? But I’ve also assisted users with this very same problem who didn’t seem to lose any of their relevant data.

What I do iknow is that if they are erased already then creating this new directory won’t make a difference with respect to the data. What’s going to happen is, when you launch Brave, it’s going to open up and look for the appropriate folder to pull data from. When it finds your folder, it should be populated with profile data – just not clear whether or not it will be your same data.

Ready to try? Navigate to ~/Library/"Application Support"/BraveSoftware/ and create a new folder labeled Brave-Browser (note that this is case sensitive), then launch Brave, cross fingers? :crossed_fingers:
Please do let me know – I’m very curious.

Ok so this is odd. I shut computer down last night.

Today I see the Brave-Browser Folder!
I hope this is a good thing.

But Brave still unresponsive as before.

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(Plot thickens)
Is there any way you’d be willing to share a short screen recording of what happens when you launch Brave on your end? If so, try and record the following process:

  1. Open finder and navigate to ~/Library/"Application Support"/BraveSoftware/ and show that the Brave-Browser does in fact exist
  2. Launch Brave normally and attempt to perform any action and/or browse
  3. If unresponsive, quit the process and return to Finder – is Brave-Browser still there?

Additionally, what happens if you try to launch a Brave Private Window (this part needn’t be recorded)?

Ok so this is bizarre. I was thinking that I’ve already tried opening Brave dozens of times with same result: Quits unexpectedly. Why try again…

I just opened it and everything seems fine now.
I didn’t change anything.
I restarted 5 times yesterday and it continued crashing.

This morning it crashed a few times.
Now it’s working. Bookmarks, Folders everything is there.

Can I download or save all of my Settings, Bookmarks and folders, etc in case this happens again and I’m not so lucky?

Will Brave have this capability as Firefox does, where you can safe all of your info?

Also. If it starts acting up again, I’ll let you know.
Thanks for all your help.

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Honestly I have no idea why this is the case – this is very strange. I’ll be digging into this further with the team to see if we can find the cause.

Inside your ~/Brave-Browser folder, you should see a Default subfolder – this is the main profile directory. Unless you’ve created a new profile (using the Manage people menu image| ) – in which case, there will be another folder with the name of that profile inside Brave-Browser – this is where your browsing data is stored.

I would recommend saving copies of both Brave-Browser and the Default (or whatever profile) folders separately. This way, should you need to uninstall/wipe all your data and start again, all you’ll need to do is grab the safe copy of those folders and drop them inside ~Library/"Application Support"/BraveSoftware/ and launch Brave.

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If it starts acting up, I’ll let you know.
Thanks for your help.

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My pleasure – Enjoy your privacy!

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