Brave crashes randomly for the past month

The Browser keeps crashing at random and problem has been ongoing for several weeks… Sometimes I when recovering pages I need to close several to prevent crashing again, but I have not identified one site that is causing the crash. Period between crashes varies from a day to 15 minutes.

Hardware acceleration is off and I have tried deleting the temp file as recommended in previous cases.

Latest version : v1.61.120

I’ve uploaded several of the most recent crash reports, the most recent Crash Report ID : 61320200-802f-5e0b-0000-000000000000

@ChattyProtag while waiting for @Mattches and others to check in on your crash report, let me ask if you have tried a new profile? If not, could you go to your Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile and use it for a while to see if it crashes?

Other thing that might be helpful is if you can try to download either Brave Beta or Brave Nightly and see if you have any better luck there.


  • New profile will create a second profile for you to test. It uses default settings overall (though saves custom content filters and any changes made in brave://flags) and no extensions. So if it works there with no issues, it helps know either profile is corrupt or it’s an issue with settings or extensions.

  • Testing on Beta and/or Nightly will help to see if the issue “resolves” in newer Brave or Chromium update. Also can be indication that issue is in your brave://flags or something if you’ve made changes there.

Regardless, those will help kind of narrow things down possibly.

Crash report submitted — have some devs taking a look now.

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This appears to be Sync related. Can you confirm that you have Sync enabled and if so, can you try disabling it and tell me if the browser stops crashing?

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I have confirmed an issue with Sync and deleted the Sync account.

On desktop no devices were listed in Sync chain, but on mobile device my phone, tablet, and desktop were all listed.

Thank you!

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