(Mac) Language/Spell-check - missing options - take 2

I hate to do this, but any acknowledgement or anything regarding my topic
(Mac) Language/Spell-check - missing options ?
I saw none, I hoped that in a month I will see at least some response.

Yes this is annoying, I have been wondering about this as well.

I just hope there will be at least some sort of an acknowledgement, I really don’t feel like opening the same thread third time just so someone notices it and files it in the queue.

Judging by how fast someone usually respons, I won’t count on it.

Yep, I guess so. That much for the “Brave” team. Brave enough to…not really give a damn.

Topic will close automatically in 7 days, I lost a mood to renew it. In case this eventually gets to someone from Brave, please change the bug reporting, so there is some normal reporting tool or that the staff actually looks into topics.

This is unbelievable, really rude behavior from Brave team.

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