is blocked

Hi, i installed brave few days ago. problem i am facing is strange, i cannot load from any of my browsers without proxy sever.

i have checked the host file and there is nothing like redirection to other ip address.

i used gmail to register on community and email verification was going in spam. thats another issue but not a serious problem.

2nd problem i face is youtube ads are not blocked by default in brave browser. So when i try to install extension from chrome store i get error. no matter what extension i try to download i get error. That is very annoying.

I believe its google the main problem itself. but have to find way out of these problems. i am trying to get rid of every other browser except for firefox and brave.

please help me to fix the domain blocking issue. i checked in brave browser but it says ’s server IP address could not be found.

Also help me with extensions. i do need to have extensions in brave.

ah, another problem i do not want tot forget. on youtube when i right click in address bar to copy the url, brave stop working and then i just terminate it and reopen brave but right click hangs up brave every time.

We would only be guessing here, But possibly a firewall or vpn/dns causing issues?

When i m using brave i can browse all other sites except for
To check: disabled all domain blocking extensions in vivaldi but still is unreachable in vivaldi too.
if i use proxy i can browse Is it my ISP blocking
I have checked DNS but DHCP assign it.
Couple of days ago installed Brave and today i get out of date message. when i click on reinstall i see same error Unreachable.
Is it mobile UBS Tethering causing all the problems.

please suggest me how i sandbag browser. Can i use brave VPN? i could not find way to install or use Brave VPN. chrome store does not have it on.

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