All other sites work ok but when I go to I get the message below. A tor window also opens up by itself and this does work. If I go to in firefox on the same pc it is fine. I Have tried deleting all data/cookies is blocked refused to connect.


Description of the issue:
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navigate to

Version 1.60.110 Chromium: 119.0.6045.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Same for me. Trying to understand why iframe credentialless don’t work in Brave anymore, also.

Started getting this recently as well. It started with then about a week or so later also refused to load for the same issue noted by OP.
Reset all options, cleared and deleted all data. All sites accessible through Edge and Chrome. Only Brave is blocking Brave

Brave browser on Android appears to not have the same issue and allows access to all websites. Seems to only be for the Desktop version.

Try testing in private mode, or this does work. Create a new Brave profile

I had the same problem with the brave homepage and what’s new after updating, and other websites, like NYT when clicked from an aggregator.

I realized some of the sites had .onion versions, and were opening a TOR browser version. However, not all pages that failed to load with the same error @richardwarriner mentioned sucessfully loaded a Tor window.

I disabled that feature (brave://settings/privacy > Automatically redirect .onion sites > Disable), and now I can view those other pages.

Seems something might be slightly off with the .onion redirect process?

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I have also disabled the “Automatically redirect .onion sites” option and now opens without issue


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