Brave is throwing errors at me when I look at some sites and won't load the page

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Description of the issue:
I am recieving the following error when tryin to access sites. They appear in private windows. clearing the cache does not change the result.
One such site is the error is" refused to connect.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Open Brave

2.type in the address in the address bar press enter

Expected result:
The Marxist INternet Archive should appear with a slection of languages to choose from.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Edge does not throw such an error. The Private (TOR) window pops up on it’s own and displays the site, indicating that this has to do with my IP address.

Question What the Heck is Brave doing to me and why? Please tell me how to make it stop. It’s annoying and I am about to abandon BRAVE as a browser. I am old enough at 68 to take care of myself. I do not need a Nanny.

I have tried all the solutions for this that I can find in Brave Help and in online searches. I do not have any extensions installed.

Can you please go to Settings → Privacy & Security → Tor windows and toggle the option Automatically redirect .onion sites to “off”, then try visiting the site again?

Thank you

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