Chrome freezes up completely over the last day

Been using Chrome for a while and really like it a lot. But suddenly I’m having issues out of nowhere. Last night, while watching a video, the entire thing locked up halfway through. It didn’t freeze when opening the page or loading the video; just froze halfway through, seemingly at random, for no reason I could determine.

Today, it’s happened when I attempt to upload a file. For instance, if I attempt to post an image, the OPEN folder pops up, but then if I attempt to open any folders within it locks everything up. I tried researching it, and found some advice on here to switch off hardware acceleration, which I did, and I also cleared the cache etc. Nothing seems to be working.

I have the latest version of Brave(I double checked) and Windows 10. This has just happened out of nowhere and I haven’t changed any settings or added any plugins. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for the awesome and timely support. Really appreciate the help & feedback. Any suggestions for a better browser to switch to?

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