Youtube dropped frames @4k60fps

When will the constant dropping of frames, when watching 4k60fps content on youtube, be fixed? Will it ever?
I like Brave but now that i got a 4k monitor, and enjoy watching 4k 60fps content by my favourite creators, i went back to Firefox. How can it be that Firefox plays 4k60fps youtube silky smooth and Brave can’t? Seems like an obvious flaw that needs fixing to me.
And please don’t tell me to enable the ‘Media Foundation’ flag, yes it fixes youtube but breaks video streaming in a lot of other sites. Unusable to me.


We don’t change anything here from standard chromium. youtube playback is GPU bound. If there is any applications using the GPU at the time it’ll impact performance.

Ensure Hardwade decode is enabled. in brave://settings/system

Thanks for trying to help but hardware decode is indeed enabled and the gpu is nowhere near 100% usage.
On exactly the same conditions Firefox drops 0 frames.
If you search about it (on reddit p.ex.) that’s plenty of people complaining about the same issue, and yes, on Chrome too.
On other modes like OpenGL, DX11, etc, it even gets way worse.

Which GPU are you using? What is the GPU usage in task manager (during playback)?

Nvidia GTX 1080. 25-26% usage.

I have started having this issue as well. The whole time I have been using Brave with this computer, I haven’t had any issues. Even up until last night. This morning however, both Twitch and YouTube (but not Netflix for whatever reason) are dropping between 75% and 90% of frames. I have an RTX 3070 which is currently doing nothing other than trying to play back these videos. (GPU memory is basically empty, video encode/decode and 3d graphs are all between 0 and 10%)

This issue does not occur at all while using Chrome. I can play videos at 1080p60hz with less than 1% dropped frames.

I have the “Hardware Acceleration” checkbox enabled in Brave and Chrome

YouTube Stats on Brave

YouTube Stats on Chrome

From what i gathered chromium is inherently broken when dealing with video streaming. Safari and Firefox are always buttery smooth as long as your connection allows it. So i went with Firefox and no dropped frames ever since. I advise you to do the same if the constant stuttering annoys you.
This is bizarre considering we are in 2023, and since youtube is owned by the same company that built Chromium, but it is what it is…

Try in private window mode, noticed Brave is using vp9 and Chrome is on av1. Also check widevine is enabled.

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