Brave Browser Turkish language translation mistake

Description of the issue:
Turkish translation mistake in right click menu to any link.
When right click to any link there is main first 3 different link opening methods.
*Open in new tab, open in new window, open in incognito mode.

“Link” translation is forgotten in third option link translated as “bağlantı” in the first 2 but it stayed as link in incognito option. “Linki kişisel bir pencerede aç”
Also “kişisel” is good but in browser menu(3 lines icon) button, it is mentioned as “gizli” which is also better translation I think. kişisel means personal(mode), gizli(hidden) accurates better than personal. Also other most popular browser mentions this feature, incognito tab/window “Gizli sekme/pencere”.

So link is easily understandable in Turkish but first 2 is already “bağlantı” but why is it link in third one although it is the same meaning.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Right click to any link

Expected result:

Translate it as “Bağlantıyı gizli bir pencerede aç” instead of “Linki kişisel bir pencerede aç”

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Latest version
1.59.124 Chromium(Official compile) (64 bit)
Additional Information:
That is not necessary at all but just for your information and better brand looking in different language users. Other than this mistake, the whole translate is pretty good quality. Appreciate your all work for our community.

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