Language translation error

I have found a language translation error on the android version of brave. Where can I report the mistake?
Thank you

@pachainti You can report here and tag someone from the support team.

Isn’t there a more direct channel?

You can also create an issue here-

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Imposta di defult ->Imposta come default.
@Support @supportaccount

@pachainti You are right. In Italian-

Imposta di defult → Set by default
Imposta come default → Set as default

2nd looks more correct. Is this for setting Brave Search as default engine? Anyway, will tag @Mattches here.

If I had to translate it, I would say:
Set by default->imposta per impostazione predefinita
Set as default->imposta come predefinito
It is related to Brave as the default browser.

I hope that it is fine if I put here this issue.
I just started with Brave and I was going through the welcome tour.
This is what is wrote at the third page:
“Gli Scusi Brave bloccano le cose inquietante[…] se un sito non 't sembra […] brave usa analisi prodotto completamente privata […]”
My suggestion is to correct the mistakes because it is not looking good for a software to habe a poor translation on the welcome tour.
The correct transtlatione is
“Gli Scudi Brave bloccano le cose inquietanti […] Se un sito non ti sembra […]”
The name “analisi prodotto completamente privata” I understood is the translation of “Pricavy-Preserving Product Analytics”. If I’m right in this assumption I raelly suggest you to choose a different translation because the one you are using means “completely private product analysis”
I hope this can help a little