Google translate right click option not showing


Right click translate option is not showing in brave. I have seen few topics from 2019 and tried solutions like changing default language and updating brave. It is 2022 and still brave has this same issue. Is there any verified or stable solution for this problem or is it still looking for a solution or I have to use any other translate extensions?


Try opening a site in a language other than your local language; Brave will automatically propose to you to install the google translate extension (image).

Note: You should enable Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read @ brave://settings/?search=offer+to+tran

Or you can download it from here

By highlighting a word and right-clicking, you can translate or search for the meaning of that word.

First of all Brave doesn’t give any option to install google translate extension if I open any webpage other than default language (English).
Second this is not how google translate extension works in other browsers like chrome, Firefox and even IE. If we right click on a webpage it gives option to Translate into English and after clicking it simply translates the whole webpage to English rather than selecting some text and getting to a new tab to just see translation of selected text (frustrating and time consuming).

Is there any authentic and verified solution related to this problem or this issue is still open and looking for a solution?