Brave Browser Translate Isn't Working

Hi there.

I am currently having an issue on translating into English on some websites. Mainly youtube.
I’ve tried in Facebook, Instagram, Most random search in Korean, Chinese etc.

Surprisingly works in

Brave Browser v 1.61.104

Windows 10 Home
Version: 22H2
OS Build: 19045.3693

No Extension in Browser except for uBlock Origin 1.54.0
(The reason why I have uBlock is sometimes Brave couldn’t bypass youtube ads)

Below is the image for your reference.

Bumping this. After having switched to Brave from Chrome, at no point has translation worked. It’s broken server-side on Brave’s end. I wonder if the Brave devs ever check server logs or have any service monitoring, a web server giving the 500 error for weeks is rather alarming when you have tens of millions of users.

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