Chinese not being translated into English anymore

I’ve been using the translate function to translate Chinese Simplified into English for months now. Lately it doesn’t work, or works briefly. “This page couldn’t be translated” I updated, refreshed page, checked all the settings. It just doesn’t want to work anymore. Is there a problem with Brave or can a country block translation?

Hello @Brave1, thank you for contacting us. What kind of device and OS do you use? Have you updated to the most recent version? Did you try clearing cookies and cache? Let us know this information so we can investigate this issue. Regards.

Thank you for responding, Windows 11 on a laptop. Yes updated to most recent version, yes, cleared cookies and cache.

Can you share an example website where you see this behavior occur?

It’s just a weibo page of a friend. I thought maybe because it was from another country there might be problems.

could not translate BBC news written in Chinese either.

I’d like an exact link so that I can ensure I am testing the behavior in the same conditions as you are.

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another news link not working on my end.

Hopefully he’ll figure it out. I tested and it does translate on Chrome, but it’s showing the This page couldn't be translated on both Brave Release and Brave Nightly.

In addition, issue happens on New Profile and occurs regardless of Shield settings.

So I can at least confirm the issue.

FWIW, seeing error presented at as:

Basically the same for

Thank you ! It’s been working on Brave for months. Not sure why it’s not now. So, yes, hope there is a solution .

It appears that there is a server outage related to our translation service which is the reason it’s not working as intended. We are working on a fix presently and hope to have the service up and running again as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

Wow! Didn’t think of that possibility… Thank You !!!

This issue has since been resolved

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