BRAVE browser tabs are not movable any more

Hello all.
For some reason I cannot move the tabs any more and order them in a random sequence.
It appears since today.
Same time the windows 10 task bar has issues while switching between documents via mouse clicking on the task bar when I have grouped them in the task bar. I can only switch via alt+tab. Not sure if this issue is co-related. I could workaround the windows issue while not grouping the apps any more.
I have latest Brave Version 1.2.43
Windows 10 (1909) is up to date, graphic driver (AMD 20.1.3) as well.
I tried with disabled plug-ins as well. Same result.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @andreas, welcome to Community!

Try closing out all Brave-related processes (use Task Manager to shut down ALL Brave processes), restart the browser and see if the tabs are still frozen.

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Hi @Aa-ron. Thank you. Great to be part of the community.

I restarted my PC and services/processes as well many times.
E.g. in Firefox my tabs are not frozen.

Any other idea?

Just got an update to BRAVE 1.3.115 - but no change.
To be more clear, I can work perfectly within the tabs. They do not freeze to be unusable. I just cannot arrange them moving tabs from left to right and vice versa.

Found this one via searching the internet from 2017/2018 - just not only sometimes:

What I did try now is to disable hardware acceleration, but same result. Tabs are still not movable.

Possibly a fresh new installation is needed to sort it out.
What could/needs to be done to backup all my data (e.g. bookmarks …)?
Wallet could be backed up and restored once new installation?
What about if I link two browsers e.g. between desktop and laptop - would this ease the restore process after linking the new installed again to the other one?

To back up everything I would make a copy of your Default profile folder to your Desktop.
The Default folder can be found at:
C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data. This folder will contain your bookmarks, extensions, etc.
After making the new Brave installation, you can replace the new Default folder with your backup copy.

For more details about backing up your data, see this topic:

Thank you @Aa-ron. I will try that.
What about the wallet where my rewards are in while surfing? Is this included there as well?

Be sure to always back up the Recovery Key for your Brave wallet. If you navigate to brave://rewards/ and click on the gear icon, it will show your Recovery Key. Save it and keep it safe. You may need it once the new installation is done.

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thank you @Aa-ron.
So wallet is always local and unique with every installation?
Wondering how to transfer those “mini amounts” to somewhere.

Every installation will create a new Wallet. Using the Restore function restores and moves any wallet data into a new wallet.

I will test all those backup & restore things and share results. Hopefully it will solve the “arrange tab” issue.

It did work as expected.
Wallet restore seems to work with profile restore together only.
Thank you @Aa-ron for your help here.

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Too bad @Aa-ron Now the same issue appears again. tabs not movable. Any other ideas? I like BRAVE but this is not comfortable to work with.

Do you have any extensions installed?

Would you be able to provide a short video/gif on what you’re seeing?

Yes I do have installed “HTTPS Everywhere” and “NoScript”.
I disabled them restarted and the issue does remain.

Is there a shortcut for moving tabs which I could use instead of mouse?

Not sure how to share a short video in an easy way.

Once I find more information in regards to this tab not moving issue, I’ll get right back to you. In the mean time, here is an extension that allows you to manage your tabs/windows. It should allow you to sort the tabs however you want.
Also, here is another extension that allows you to capture GIFs real easy.

I think it is not needed anymore. I assume I found the root cause - just a defective Joypad (USB Xbox Controller). Unplugged and everything is working now. I will monitor this for a while but I think this solved the issue. And there have been some more things happened on my computer which I could not explain among various applications. Just triggered by a defective Joypad button. Crazy.
Thank you again for you help and the Extension links.

Too bad. The issue appears again after a while when Windows is running. Forget about my last reply.
Could be a GPU issue as mentioned there are other issues in other apps as well.
AV Scan was fine, Windows “SFC /scannow” stuff - no findings or errors.

It was never related to BRAVE. Sorry to raise this here.
It was caused by a faulty keyboard cable which lead to these various symptoms. At least I did learn a lot about BRAVE and recovery beside PC hardware check possibilities :slight_smile:.
Thank you again for your support @Aa-ron

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