My brave browser's BAT counter stopped working?

Hi there! I download & install brave a day ago. It was working fine but today the BAT meter isn’t working. I have been browsing throughout the day, but the meter is just stuck at 0.400 BAT. Please resolve this issue!

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The same happened to me, but its correct functioning seems to be intermittent. If you are concerned about your BAT count you can still check the Brave Rewards page.

Hello @Hamza_Shykh

is that ads from notification off sponsor image ?

Bro! here is my Brave Reward Page

I didn’t see the brave reward option

Here are some rules that I also had to know about the sponsored images:

  1. There is an hour limit I think that max is 4 per hour
  2. There is also a daily limit of around 20 per day
  3. Not all images will reward all users from all countries it depends on the advertisers who choose if their ads will be available for some countries even if the user still see the image.

Maybe the first rule applies to your case.

Hope that helps and have a wonderful day :smiley:


what the issue on that image ?

@justsomeone1 Omg, you are the one that told me about those rules. :smiley: Thank you again

loool you very welcome @CoolGuy001

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In first case, i exceeded the limit to 5 ads per hour.
in second case, I only received 10 ads today…

Idk why but even with the limit of 5 sometimes you get only 4.

@Hamza_Shykh check this

and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thank you :innocent:

you very welcome :slight_smile:

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