I couldn't receive Bats

I usually seeing ads but didn’t receive Bats
Sometimes I couldn’t see ads also.
In couple of days my Bats still the same amount. Every week I got the same issue about that.


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This month (April) my rewards totally wasted.
Please fix that. I want my monthly rewards.

Since April 15 no one could reply this.
My Brave Nightly is totally stopped!!!
I’m using normal Brave for rewards but maybe 5-6 ad works in a day.
Now the new issue is my Uphold wallet seems lower than previous months.
I was getting 100 Bats for per ad. last week it was ’ 1 ’ Bat and now got ’ 10 Bats '.
Please someone help or fix this. My 2 brave browsers updated btw.
Users are feel abandoned!

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