Problem rewars almost 5 hours passed on brave on iphone +pc and a few ads

Hi, i have a problem i’m a new user of Brave because my friend said me that it was a good browser a month ago so i tested Brave and linked my account to Uphold but i passed like 3 hours or 4 on iphone + pc per day and i only had a few ads (1.2 bat estimated) so i asked my friend and he said that it was normal that he received 20 bat after all of this yesterday i claimed my reward and i only earned 1.8 BAT. Thanks for helping

Seems normal. Just browse as you usually do. Brave Ads will matching your intesest with the available ads catalog in your country.

I had posted this on another place, but i think it may be relevant here:

Hi there,

So I got paid based on what was seen on my mobile browser and not on my desktop. Since they both showed 2 different BAT values and i accepted the mobile first, it seems like the desktop amount didnt make it and seems to have completely disappeared. Also, just a point to note my Brave browsers are in sync via brave://sync .

Does anyone know how this can be fixed? or what steps to take?


yeah but actually i have 1.8 bat on my iphone so where are all my bats on my pc i have only 0.2 bat ? As i said my friend has approximately 20 bat and i pass more time than him on my iphone browsing

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