Brave Browser running slow out of nowhere

I have been using Brave browser a long time without issues. But 5 days ago, brave and microsoft teams started to function slower. They responded after like 20 or 30 seconds when the mouse cursor was above one option for example. I followed instructions from this page and it worked. But today it started happenind again out of nowhere. I was using my email and a notification of a new update from microsoft teams came up and both microsoft teams and brave browser started to function very slow again. But I don´t have the same problem with google chrome, word, powerpoint, and the rest of my laptop is working just fine. It is just brave browser and microsoft teams who appear to have the problem. I disabled and enabled the option that fixed the problem before and restarted my laptop but it didn´t work. How can I solve this?
I have no idea how it happened so I don´t know how it can be reproduced.

I would like your help in turning brave (and microsoft teams if possible) back to normal.

I downloaded the latest version of Brave 5 days agó, I think the version is 1.36.111

Can you tell me whether or not you’re running windows 10 or 11?
I’m not entirely convinced this is a Brave specific issue since you’re seeing this happen with Teams as well, but it’s hard to tell. To be clear, you still can use the browser, it’s just slow — is that correct?

Additionally, when you say

You’re referring to the Hardware Acceleration option?

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