Brave Browser ruined my computer

I was trying to install Brave Browser, found out that I think I got a virus.
In December 2 or 3 2021, I “accidentally” installed Brave Browser for online school on YouTube. And then I broke my computer after installing it. This means I have to delete Brave.exe to fix this.

Description of issue: Keyboard and mouse not working, no sound (high pitch while disconnects and reconnects EVERYTIME), DVD drive won’t open after installing Brave Browser

Now I need to find a solution on how to delete brave.exe (Browser as a malware)

Brave browser is open source. You can check the code for yourself if you think malware/virus came from browser itself.

You might have got the malware from somewhere else, as it highly unlikely it came from official brave company.

Did you by chance download it from a google served ad??


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