Empty window + unable to uninstall

Description of the issue: Browser doesn’t start, only showing empty white window

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3. 1. Get yourself a Win 7 Sp1, 64-bit. 2. Install the latest version of Brave desktop from your website 3. Be unable to browse with it, or even uninstall it :wink:

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!): Just Imagine a plain white window that is Not responding, but without a not responding label.

Expected result: To be able to browse internet.

Reproduces how often: 5 out 5 times I tried, including restarted PC

Brave Version(about:brave): Lates, downloaded from your website 5 minutes ago.

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): yes

Additional Information:

Please do not recommend re-installing, uninstalling the program is impossible now, beacuse if you try to uninstall, it attempts to open the browser, which, as described above , cannot be opened. Thus, its a loop and you cant even uninstall a program, neither update the version. Update.exe would not start as well.

@NewUser Thanks for reporting. Thanks for the additional information provided in the post.

Would like to know one more things, Is the Kaspersky Free Antivirus installed in your Windows 7 machine? are you getting any kind of error or just empty window after installation?

In past, many user tried to install or update brave were facing this issue on Win7, as they were having Kaspersky Antivirus installed in their machine, Antivirus was recognizing Brave setup as trojan.



Thanks for your reply.

My Antivirus is Avast free. And it doesn’t seem to react om Brave anyhow.

Simple empty window. no error message. There was another user a few threads ago who posted an absolutely similar screenshot.

This is nuts. I’m trying so hard to steer people towards this browser to get away from the draconian Google and Microsoft and the software seems to be so buggy and this is all you have? Maybe, just maybe you need to register your files to be white listed by these anti virus developers and by the way, I got no errors during install. I was led to believe all was well and I get the same inexplicable empty window and software that will not uninstall. You need to do better.

Seems like its a common problem.

Dear developers, is there any chance you try to help me or is that it? Note that I can’t even unnstall your program.

At least post a reply that you are out of ideas, if that is the case.

cc: @Mattches Could you assist the user?

See my solution in the below thread to display windows properly and use or uninstall Brave:

Thanks, worked!

Ok, you got yourselves another user :wink:

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User name checks out :heavy_check_mark: