Brave Browser Referral Rewards For Everyone

Will the referral program ever be extended to everyone? Will there ever be rewards for getting friends to switch to the Brave Browser? It’s great and I will continue using it either way, just wondering.

Hi @Tahouse,

For now referral program is only available for publishers.

There’s a discussion in the past to have referral program for users too. I think it’s still in the plan.

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Awesome! It one of the few coins with a legitimate product that has widespread appeal, so obviously I want as much as I can get!

How would we know if the $1 Million in Tokens capped referral budget is still not reached and the referral rewards can be still claimed?
Is there a page perhaps that shows the progress of this budget cap?

shady right? that’s how they work unfortunately

I don’t think there’s anything shady about this.
It’s simply useful information to know and would help with transparency and adoption.

being transparent is the last thing they will ever do because their organization is also part of that reward try to directly download it has code as well on the filename, doesn’t sound shady? ok I will agree a bit true… not until you hit $150+ then you are now slowly become a certified fraudster and your activity should be held under review.

Sadly, every thing you do under Brave Rewards are at the mercy of Brave Software and they influence where you should spend it, otherwise you get checkpoint like any other parasitic centralized organization.

They just use Brave Rewards to lure new incomer and once you have gather enough user your now at the disposal level. Good job!

It’s free money given away. One shouldn’t have huge expectations about earnings.
I can’t fault them for clamping down on no -genuine referrals and potential manipulation.

The point of all the referral rewards is adoption and spreading this awesome technology.
If someone is here for just making a quick buck maybe should re-consider being here.

That’s the fun part they misleadingly calling it ‘free’ or ‘rewards’ but totally its not, they also take huge sum part of that pool reward for themselves which morally if it is not that shady I dunno what terms is best suitable to describe that kind of business ethics. Not to mention their claw-back system, influence contribution spending, exclusive Uphold partnership (no dumb financial institution or business will allow to handle transactions for nothing).

Anyway, I’m not against clamping down illegal activities I believe it’s necessary, but you don’t use your supporters spreading things around then dispose them when they gathered enough.

Regarding huge earnings that is also quite alarming, a broken centralized organization which ban you for a few dollars will not work in a websites or channels with a hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Brave Referral Rewards Program is already extended for the new users. Initially, I thought it’s a fake one. How any browser can give Bitcoins for browsing stuffs? But I tried this Brave Browser for 30 days. After this, I found it’s actually working… Thanks for this referral program. :slight_smile: