Referral system & exploring additional wallets?

I saw the referral program recently. I could probably get at least 10,000 people to install Brave using referrals, but I have a few concerns.

  • I saw some posts on here that mentioned the referral system ending this month?
  • Is there a cap on rewards you’re able to receive? (e.g. only the first 100 confirmed referred users count)
  • If you have no uphold wallet connected/verified, do the pending ad/referral rewards just get erased come each month, or does the pending balance just sit there until you verify the Uphold wallet?
  • Are any additional wallets lined up to be added in the coming months? Seeing as I’d be using uphold solely for BAT and this browser, I’ve no interest in doing KYC or even using it as those needs have been met elsewhere. I already did KYC with a select few exchanges, and (my primary goal is to help nash with user adoption, by getting people to create a nash wallet to partake in giveaways and competitions throughout 2020. It could be two birds with one stone, and the Brave referral rewards would also help to make the giveaways more successful, but the above concerns are holding me back. I’m very eager to kick things off, but currently nothing is aligned, all these different projects feel segregated which in turn feels inconvenient/inefficient, and timing and patience is paramount. So for the best chance I have at helping to adopt and retain new (non-crypto) users, I need to sit and wait until such things are more aligned; I won’t win anyone over if they all need to jump through bunch of confusing hoops)

Hi @Crevan,

No. See Brave referral program ends on December 31, 2019? What happen with December's downloads?

There’s no “limit” for referral program.

Your BAT will stay on your account until you connect your Uphold account.

Currently, only Uphold.

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