User Referral Program - How to really make Brave Browser usage dramatically increase

My first post :slight_smile:

The idea, a two tier user referral program. Instead of earning 0.05 BAT per ad view, pay 0.0485 and give .001 to the referrer, and .0005 BAT to the referrer’s referrer.

If this existed, I could probably create a referral tree with millions of users (though my first and second generation referrals would probably only be like 50,000).

I used to run some guide sites about how to make money online. I did this for years and found that the one thing that was missing was making ad viewing exciting and non intrusive, available in masses. Brave adds a layer of earning and sharing that could make a referral program be the catalyst to explosive growth.

I can help if needed.

Just thought about this as a feature and it does not seem your post gained much traction. Hopefully my reply bumps this thread because I feel as if the Brave Community could really benefit from a feature like this.

I went a different direction… but will be circling back soon… glad to see at least one John likes my idea

Braves growth rate is insane right now, no intervention required

Yes, and what happens when I put on my crown of thorns and rise up?

Be brave… I am telling you the truth I will make my point about the eternal kingdom using the brave browser, from the white house…