It will be Great if Brave Browser Introduce "Refer and Earn" contest

If “Refer and Earn” contest introduced, then i’m pretty sure the growth of Brave Browser will be in rocket speed.
Definitely people will Refer as much as to their Friends and Family circles.
Please do consider our Expectations and Request from end users.

People who read my post, please reply back. Let me know what’s on your mind.

Karthik Ravikumar


It wouldn’t work in any form or fashion. Brave already has been having an increasing amount of Daily Active Users (DAU). With how Rewards work and the setup, doing a referral program with Rewards would only encourage more fraud to take place. People would just connect random devices, emulators, etc to try to reap the benefits. This already is happening on a large scale and is part of the reason why there’s been some of the issues, including regions that aren’t supported at the moment.

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