Brave Browser randomly crashing March 2022

I’m using Brave Browser on Mac, version and I get a lot of random crashes at the moment. It’s been doing it for a good few months, just finally frustrated me enough to say something! Nothing specific to really narrow it down. It can crash as it opens, crash as I’m watching a YouTube video, just browsing a blog, anytime anywhere! I’ve seen a few solutions that say remove a certain folder thats a bunch of random letter but I’ve not had much success with that solution so far. Started using Brave Beta which seems fine except that Sync isn’t pulling across much of anything XD

Same here. Random crashes all the time. It can take a few hours or just a few minutes for the next crash. I have two Mac and BOTH are crashing like that for like 3 months now.
If I click “Brave > About Brave” it crashes immediately. This is the only way to recreate the crash.

I already did a fresh reinstall and nothing…

If it helps, I have Sync turned on (turned it off and it still crashes), and the following extensions:

  • Bitwarden
  • Metamask
  • Phanton Wallet
  • Dark Reader
  • AdBlock Plus

Console show pretty much this error:

Apr 15 14:33:47 iMac-Catalina-PC Solar Service[964]: notification user info:{
NSApplicationBundleIdentifier = “com.brave.Browser”;
NSApplicationName = “Brave Browser”;
NSApplicationPath = “/Applications/Brave”;
NSApplicationProcessIdentifier = 6577;
NSApplicationProcessSerialNumberHigh = 0;
NSApplicationProcessSerialNumberLow = 979183;
NSWorkspaceApplicationKey = <NSRunningApplication: 0x600002c20980 (com.brave.Browser - 6577) LSASN:{hi=0x0;lo=0xef0ef}>;
NSWorkspaceExitStatusKey = 11;
Apr 1514:33:47 iMac-Catalina-PC[1] ( Browser[6577]): Service exited due to SIGSEGV | sent by exc handler[6577]

I think this is a known issue, especially as relates to the crash on About Brave. Link to the issue report below.

Brave crashes consistently when opening “About Brave” #21424

You need to make sure you are updated to the latest versions of both Brave Browser and macOS. I think some of the macOS crashing issues were resolved in recent updates.

The link below pulls several topics together related to crashes on opening, especially with the “new” macOS.

The solution appeared to be following these steps:

I do not know if any of this will be helpful or not. I hope it will but I know nothing about macOS and just trying to provide information you may have missed.

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